Contract in Poland – PART 1

– The contract with a foreign contractor – what Polish company has to pay attention to?

„Clear and coherent contract with foreign counterparty is the key to success” – truism or the most urgent issue for Polish companies? The authors’ practise regarding legal advice  indicates, that polish entrepreneurs conclude contracts with foreign counterparties on grave adverse conditions  for its legal position. We present hereafter the most common mistakes that Polish companies make by conducting foreign contracts.

 “7 deadly sins” are:


1. Discrepancy of various language versions

Parties coming from various legal jurisdictions often use different language versions of the contract. Those language versions are different,  when it comes to used terminology. Parties do not clearly indicate, which of them is the most significant. It concerns in particular situations, when parties coming not from English-speaking jurisdiction prepare the contract in English language (which is found to be a standard, but this language is still “foreign” for them); it is worth in those cases to be based on a mother language of at least one party.