Polish government’s report on the acquisition of Polish real estate by foreigners and companies with foreign capital

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration prepares annually a document reporting extensively and accurately the entire international trade in the Polish real estate (link to the full text of the report in Polish).

According to the report, in 2016, foreigners received a total of 252 permits for the acquisition of land with a total area of 79.89 hectares. The vast majority of applications had been approved. The report highlights the active role of the German, Dutch and Ukrainian capital. In Poland, the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in principle requires the permit of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration. The source of legal restrictions is the Act on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners as of 24 March 1920. The relevant permit is also necessary for the purchase or acquisition by foreigners of shares in companies that are owners or perpetual users of real estate.