Limited liability company in Poland – DOING BUSINESS IN POLAND PART X

doing-business-in-polandLimited liability company – A proven legal form for larger undertakings, either in the form of a single-shareholder company or with multiple shareholders; shareholders generally are not liable for the obligations of the company

In Poland, foreign investments are most commonly carried out in the form of a limited liability company. Limited liability company, like joint-stock company, is governed by the Polish Commercial Companies Code. The share capital of a limited liability company shall be at least 5000 PLN. The structure of the company (the management board, shareholders meeting, and in some required cases, supervisory board) is governed by the articles of association concluded in a form of a notarial deed. Limited liability company is registered in the National Court Register. The registration court fee amounts to 600 PLN. In order to register a limited liability company there is also required a legal title to the premises where the company will have its registered office.