Energy market in Poland – monopoly or investment opportunity according to European Green Deal – Public – private partnerships opportunities in energy market in Poland – Renewable Energy Sources

The previous energy market model in Poland was based on a monopoly of five different electricity suppliers.

Since 2007, the energy market in Poland has been liberalised and both companies and individuals are free to change their energy supplier. However, elements of a monopoly remain, as energy production and transmission is still the responsibility of these companies. Energy trading, on the other hand, is completely free. All elements of this market are licensed and supervised by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office. At present, the energy sector is being restructured and put in order, especially as regards competition. In the near future, the situation related to the stable position on the energy producer market may change drastically due to the new energy policy and the gradual abandonment of energy production from fossil fuels. This may lead to the liberalisation of the energy production and transmission market and an increase in the number of energy traders.